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Hardwood Flooring Over Radiant Heat

Launstein Hardwood Flooring Co. is currently running many different tests on how wood floors react to direct heat from radiant floor systems. As members of the Radiant Panel Association, we feel it is our responsibility to publicize our findings to the public. Furthermore, we want the public to understand how wood floors are compatible with radiant floor systems.

These facts are a result of our own testing and not necessarily the opinions of other companies. Understanding the difference between quartersawn and plainsawn flooring can help with your decision of what flooring to purchase.

Quartersawn wood flooring is always more stable under conditions of extreme moisture or heat, and is always a good choice over radiant heat, especially when going with flooring wider than 4 inches. Plainsawn wood will move more than quartersawn especially when it is over 4 inches wide.


Quatersawn Hickory 4″-7″ random width over radiant heat

Both floors were tested at a surface temperature of 80-85 degrees with no visible problems. We do not recommend going any higher than 85 degrees on your floor surface. The 3/8″ solid wood floors averaged 5-7 degrees warmer than the 3/4″ wood floors, with the water temperature at 115 degrees.

We do recommend a humidity level of at least 40% in the colder months when the floors are constantly kept at 85 degrees.

Red Oak Plainsawn 4″ width over radiant heat


Our expert technicians install radiant heat under wood floors, which is a great option for all homeowners to consider. If you are buying reclaimed wood floors, French oak wood floors, or any other sorts of wood floors for your house, call us about adding heating coils.

Whether you plan to stay in your home for many years or you are planning to flip it and sell it quickly, installing radiant heat under wood floors is a great feature to add. This is an exceptional selling point if you intend to list your residence and a great little luxury if you intend to live in the structure for the rest of your life. We can put radiant heat mechanisms under many sorts of wood floors, including reclaimed wood floors and French oak wood floors. However, there are certain kinds of flooring that react to these heating coils better than others. More information is available throughout this page. You can also call or email us with any questions you may have about having radiant heat put beneath your wood floors.

We installed the Quatersawn walnut in our mountain home over radiant heat in 2005. It is still as beautiful as the day we finished. We have had no problems except how to reply to all our guests that always remark on the beauty of our Launstein floor. Care is simple just a damp mop. We thought you might like some feed back from a customer.

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