Dimensionally Stable Floors 3/4″ thick Engineered and 9/16″ thick Floating Floor

Engineered wood floors tend to be more resistant to moisture and more stable. While no wood floor product can tolerate standing water, the increased moisture levels aren’t a problem for most engineered wood floors.

The key to this increased stability and moisture tolerance comes from how an engineered wood floor is made.

The floors range from 3/8″ to 3/4″ with the top layer being made with the wood of choice. When this top layer is very thin (.6mm or so) the floor cannot be refinished. When the top layer is between 2mm and 5mm it can be refinished several times.

These floors can be built up with plywood under laments or real hardwoods nailed to a wood sub-floor. A good high-quality engineered wood floor can last as many as 100 years depending on the thickness of the top layers. Something to consider when putting in flooring is how long you would like this floor to last and if you will be looking to resell in the future. Using a high quality engineered floor will not affect your resale value, but using a cheap one will.

Launstein’s three layer flooring is created with a nearly 4mm top layer and is considered top notch in the industry today. Stability is very important, especially in wide plank floors, which is why we use the engineered method with real hardwoods all the way through.

Our 9/16″ locking floor system is an original engineered product, made just by Launstein Flooring. This product has achieved great success in many applications, especially with radiant heat, where traditional installation can be a problem. This flooring was designed as a floating system, but has also been glued and/or nailed. Our 3/4″ tongue and groove was designed to fill the many requests we had for a quality 3/4″ engineered product. Prior to being introduced, both of these products went through extensive testing in our radiant heat lab and also on the job site. Both of these products are green-friendly due to the unique materials used in our production process.

Whether it is our original 3/8″ solid products or our 9/16″ and 3/4″ engineered products, we can provide the flooring system and appearance you are looking for. We offer designer, hand scraped, distressed, and wire brushed textures with your choice of custom colors. Many other special features can also be added upon request. Designer floors are considered special orders and will cost more. Call us today for samples, current pricing, and lead times!

engineered floating thmb
9/16″ thick Floating Engineered Floors

enineered tongue and groove thmb
3/4″ thick Engineered Tongue & Groove Floors


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