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PlainsawnPlainsawn wood is the type most typically seen today. When the log is cut in to planks all the cuts are parallel to each other.

Pro SeriesThe Professional Choice is best known for its unrivaled, Old World, appearance. Our on-site craftsmen start by using several texturing techniques, and tools, to achieve the unique look of each floor in the series. A, green friendly, oil is then burnished into the wood to provide a long lasting and easily maintained floor finish.

QuartersawnWith Quartersawn wood the log is first quartered (hence quartersawn) and then diagonally from the center. This results in a grain that is more vertical when looking at the plank end on.


Launstein Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring and Wide Plank Wood Flooring has long been a favorite of both architects and homeowners. There’s simply no other building material that offers the same warmth and durability of natural wood. Launstein has grown to become North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of 3/8″ Hardwood Plank Flooring.

Don D. Launstein
president, Launstein Hardwoods

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We specialize in selling wide plank hardwood flooring, though we also offer many other styles. Whether you want wide plank wood floors or handscraped and distressed wood floors, we can help you finish your project.

If you have started renovating your house, there is a good chance that you are overwhelmed by all of the flooring choices available to you these days. Our experts will work with you to choose floors that are perfect for the style of your home and that fit within your budget. Wide plank hardwood flooring is our speciality; in fact, we are a leading purveyor of ⅜” wide plank wood floors. We also sell handscraped and distressed wood floors to many of our clients. You can learn more about all of the styles we offer on this website, but you can also contact us with any specific questions you may have. We have a variety of finish options available, so one of them is sure to suit your needs.

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